ADHD Drugs To Stay Awake

ADHD drugs at one point were sold as speed on the street and were crushed and snorted to help them stay up all night and study. Gone are the days of drinking mountain dew. This is a continuation of the last 3 posts, and pointing out on our path to neuro mastery, this should be avoided.

Along the lines keep in mind that even things such as caffeine can be addictive. The best way to increase cognition is to use your brain for things that put mental stress on your brain to an extent (learn a new language for example) or learn to fly. Your brain is like a muscle, if you use it, it grows. If you look at cab drivers, their hippocampus is much larger than others, and this is correlated to them knowing and learning many streets.

Working out is another way to keep your mind fit but beyond the scope of this guide.

Take Care.


Summary of Toxic Compounds and Elements

So what is good for your body and what isn’t, this post will summarize my last two posts and provide more information on toxic chemicals. We also want to talk about a guide one of our usual fav sites just posted about and it is a guide on buying the right supplements that work, and work well for your brain.

Things That Poison Your Brain

Mainstream Media – Controlled by the government and mainstream media and that is why their foods are not negatively discussed as much and as openly. Get fresh raw information from alternative media, which is online and smaller sites that reference studies about the real world that is honest. Such as mercury and vaccines.

Friends & Peers – Healthy friends will encourage you think independently and be creative and learn new things and try new things. Jealousy plays a big role. Look for those that can support your ambitions.

Food Additives

1. Excitotoxins – class of molecules and food additives that overexcite the neuron’s of your brain to the point of killing them. They are just taste enhancers to chemically alter your perception of foods, to think there more savoury or fresh. The two most common ingredients are MSG and Aspertaine (nutrasweet). MSG is a chemical taste enhancer, made by a Japanese country. Chinese people are immune to the effects of MSG, but people of European and African get the headaches and flushes.

Yeast Extract – Hydrolyzed Proteins – Fast majority of foods at a grocery store will have it. Veg burgers and veg sauces, and this is one of the warnings by eating these toxic vegetarian foods. Monosodium glutamate including vegetarian protein, such as caesin.

Aspartame or sucralose is responsible for poisoning your brain. Almost anything that says its for diabetics or sugar free will have this. That is why they never really ‘cure’ their diabetes. Type II diabetes is very straight forward to fix.

Watch out for Green Tea being contaminated with Fluoride, especially English breakfast flavours are quite heavily contaminated with lead as well.

5 Hour Energy Shots – Caffiene shots, same advice goes for Monster Energy and Redbull. One primary reason because caffeine is isolated so you would be much better of drinking coffee directly, as this is lab derived caffeine and sugar with citric acid. It can be very dangerous to use this to get mental shortcut, could be used as a very large resort. If you don’t smoke, It is advised you try even nicotine gym at 2mg. These chemicals anyway don’t come with full spectrum of alkaloids to make them safe and so you can have adverse cardiovascular effects.  By the way your Adrenal glands get depleted so you need more to get focused in the future.

Look out for a ebook we will release titled “Your Mind & Body In Tandem – A Quick Reference Guide to A Better You.”

1- Nootropic, Supplement, Nutrition Primer (1-5 pages)
– BioHacking

2- Table of Elements Review (Mind + Body Connection): A to Z (6 – 20)

2.5- Natural Supplements Info/Reviews (21-30)

3- Nutritional Stacks (31 – 35)

4- Better Diet & Healthy Foods (36 to 45)
– Toxins (Excitotoxins, Mycotoxins)
– Paleo Diet/BP -> What to eat.
– – Sugars
– Loosing weight & Gaining Muscle

5- Meditation
– Chiro
– Longevity

6- Tools to Keep You On Track (46-50)
– Quantified Self
– Apps
– Sites and Trackers

7- References

Basic Elements That Are Good and Bad For Your Body & Brain

This is a continuation of my last post where I talk about the different chemicals that are good and bad for you– with a huge focus on cognition and brain enhancement. This would go on top of your nootropic stack.

Mercury – Highly Toxic, never ingest or digest it in anyway. Flu vaccinations give you 25 micrograms that goes directly into your blood stream that goes where? Directly into your brain! You damage a certain level of brain cells every time you get a flu shot. Make sure there is thymerasol in it (or mercury). It damages your brain and kidneys (because kidney helps remove blood toxin from your blood supply). Tuna is bad unless if you can bind it with Fibers so you poop it out and it doesn’t get absorbed into your system. Apple, Salad, etc are good if you eat it with Tuna (up to 80% protection). What works better? Strawberry, Peanut butter and Chlorella (the best among the 3).

Aluminium – Linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is light evidence of this and thus you should get this out of your system. A lot of deodorants contain this. Strange thing is, if your skydiving and rolling around in dirt you get a lot of aluminum that way! ha! The best water filter that removes most of these bad chemicals is: “0 Water Filters” it is Ion based.

Lead – Makes you “stupid”. It causes cancer and is good at killing pests. China, a lot of foods have it, be careful when eating imported foods or teas from there.

Calcium – If its not from a clean source it will come from Lead. Most over the counter calcium supplements are toxic, calcium carbonate, causes calcification of your body and arteries. Plant based or bioavailable version of supplements are recommended.

* Oxygen – The fuel that your biology burns.

* Sulfur – It can physically burn, it is a crucial element that helps eliminate toxic metals and good for your joint, MSM is a good form to take to remove joint pain and increase mobility. Feel free to dose on this daily. It also provides energy for the body.

* Selenium – Magical nutrient for cognitive function. It is fuel for your brain. Helps you understand the bigger picture easily. Plant based selenium, organic bio-available form is key. Has a strong anti cancer component to it. It is a organization nutrient, your brain functions in a more structured way.

FYI – These three compounds are very close to one another in the Element chart. Could be turned into a Cognitive Stack.

On to the most reactive column in the Table of Elements

Fluorine – Very psycho reactive, to protect brain function, don’t take in fluorine and fluoride (two fluorine atoms that are bound together). This interferes with chlorine, fluorine and iodine. If you have it, it will be blocked and is important because of cancer prevention, if the iodine is being replaced. It is used in most psycho drugs, Prozac is high in Fluorine. The reason it is used so heavily is because it is highly reactive with your neurology.  It is in your water, and is good for your teeth as a topical treatment, why we are swallowing it? Who knows!

Chlorine – Avoid this, same as above.

Bromine – Safer alternative to fluorine.

* Iodine – Gives you Brain Energy, your brain feels more empowered, but not like a stimulant like caffeine. You get deeper dept of thought. Your thinking is “strengthened” and when stacked with Selenium you are in enhance cognitive nirvana.

There is some types of coffee and other oils that are good for your brain, you can check: 

Thoughts on Cognitive Enhancement

I want to start by talking about what chemicals and elements are good and bad for us in terms of cognitive enhancement.  This is detailed work I have spent a lot of time researching.

Blood & You are What You Eat

The basic premise is that what you eat, breathe or absorb is what circulates in your brain. So, where is blood made? Blood is made in your bones, for example your pelvis bone which dumps the cells in your blood which is then circulated throughout your body. Therefore you are what you eat, and you can NOT function better than what your putting into your system. So let’s get down to what’s good and bad, starting with what’s bad.

What is bad for Cognition

A lot of protien from back in the day, especially Cacao protien contained a lot of lead, and as we know lead has been linked to lower IQ levels. This is why it is banned from household paint and toys that kids use to play with. Therefore Lead = Bad, I will go on to talk about how other heavy metals can be bad for you. Rice protien is high on tungsten, cadium which too are not good for cognitive performance. Did you know a flu shot has trace amounts of Mercury? No amount of Mercury is good for you.

Your Brain runs off of blood, oxygen, glucose etc, so let’s discuss other metals and minerals that are actually good for you.

Selenium is one such chemical that is good for you, that is not toxic for your body or your brain, but, lets go down the list one by one and I may even break this post down into smaller amounts so it is easier to follow.

Let’s Start from the top of the Chemical Elements Table (This is in point form as there are a lot of points)

Lithium – Anti Depressant, Brain Function Modulator (trace amounts) — psychosis — therapeutic (mineral hot springs) — modulating brain function.

Magnesium – enhance relaxation of body, needed for neuron function and in cardio function — the relaxing of the heart muscle, at the trailing edge of pumping action is aided by Magnesium. A vasodilator, so relaxes the wall of your heart. Few minerals sold over the counter and you can soak in it (Magnesium sulfate – or epsom salt crystals). Magnesium Oxide for example is totally terrible, you must get the bioavailable kind.

Copper – Need very little bit, too much, you start to have mental problems. Copper poisoning leads to mental anxiety, anger, bipolar behaviour. Most people get too much from Copper, especially too much from multi vitamin (let’s say Centrum — They want to be able to state they have 100% of your daily values). Many pipes in homes have copper, it picks up copper, when water runs through Brass, it picks up brass (which most likely has lead). The ones in vitamins are toxic, they are synthetic and totally toxic and does your body no good.

Silver – Is anti bacterial, just like Copper. Silver is more inert, thats why its in medical devices, and dental work.

Gold (Au) – Monatomic gold supplements barely contain gold, so don’t really buy these.

Zinc – Is good for “healing”. It can accelerate the repair of your skin and immune system and gives your physical organs the ability to resist airborne diseases like influenza. Zinc may also be good for repairing damaged neurons quickly and most people do have damaged Neurons as we have been exposed to brain damaging solvents that are in our foods.

Cadmium – Is high in rice protien and is a heavy metal (powdered chocolate) and coffee. Also damage for kidney, heart and skin and harden your arteries.

So you may be wondering what are some natural sources to get good healthy vitamins and minerals in your system? I stumbled upon this post about the top foods that help help you improve your memory.